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DOC Document Name Description Version Date
Main Specifications
word doc XML Spec: Hotel Availability/Reservation/Cancellation/Lookup Specifications for our XML interface. 1.22 JUN 2018
word doc XML Spec: Lookup Method V2 Specifications for the new version of Reservaiton Lookup. 1 JUN 2018
word doc XML Spec: Reservation Report Specifications for our new Reservaiton Report Method. 1 JUN 2018
word doc XML Spec: Data API Additional data, including extended descriptions and additional photos. 1.5 AUG 2014
word doc Bonotel Hotel Content & Data Details covering our static data exports, data API, and photo options. 1.3 DEC 2019
word doc Cancellation and Modify Policy Details Details regarding our cancellation and modification policy format. 3 OCT 2016
word doc Bonotel Optimization Guide Critical features, suggestions and ideas to optimize or improve your connection with us. 2 OCT 2016
System Updates
word doc Static Data Updates New HotelData file and older files retiring on 2/1/2017. 1 OCT 2016
word doc DEPLOYMENT: Hotel Fees Update - Live Server Optional update to go live 01-Aug-2015. 1 SEP 2015
word doc DEPLOYMENT: Three Mandatory Updates - Live Server Required updates live 11-Nov-2014. 1.2 SEP 2014
Please login with the Test XML User/Pass we provided. You will need to login to access our static data exports. If you do not have a Test XML account, please contact your Bonotel Sales Associate.